Our Company

Matching up resources to Big Ideas, Curricular Competencies and Content

We understand the needs and unique challenges facing the educators of BC and Canada. With the amount of change occurring in the education system, we aim to provide resources and support that with assist teachers in their work. We have carefully selected and compiled resources that will fit the new BC curriculum. Due to the heavy amount of Aboriginal and Indigenous content in the re-imagined curriculum, we are striving to make this transition easier. As educators are aware, literacy is key to the success of all students and a determinant in their future success as adults. Our literacy-based resources support students in the learning of language and also about the world around them.

Why Fireweed?

Fireweed is a plant with many traditional uses and is local to our region, but also found in many areas across Canada and the World. Fireweed represents resiliency. After a natural disaster, it is one of the first plants to repopulate a devastated area. It is the perfect symbol for the resurgence and reconciliation that we are striving to achieve through our work.

Mission Statement

For guidance, we look to respected Elders and scholars Verna Kirkness and Ray Barnhardt.

We are transforming their research on ‘First Nations and Higher Education’. Using the teachings of these revolutionary thinkers and teachers, we strive to:

  • Respect our Customers: We will respect the contributions of all people and show an equal representation of their cultures and worldviews.
  • Create Relevant Buying Experiences: We will ensure that the products that we deliver are relevant to the students in our classrooms and accurately reflect their needs and experiences.
  • Share Responsibility: We share the responsibility of ensuring that the culture and worldviews of our customers will be celebrated and affirmed in the work that we do and the products that we deliver.
  • Show Reciprocity: We will celebrate the Indigenous philosophy of giving back through our philanthropic work in our community. We will support the very students that our company serves.

Our Business Philosophy

At Fireweed Integrated Resources, we will adhere to the values of Indigenous culture and maintain the practice of Environmental Stewardship. Grounded in this philosophy, we will minimize our impact on the environment through the development and implementation of our company ‘green’ policy.